Apni Pathshala

Why learning pods are a better option than traditional schools

Personalized and effective education through community-based learning pods  Sadly, our education system is not keeping up with how quickly the world is changing. This is about identifying issues and providing solutions, not about blaming anyone in particular. More depressed, anxious, and miserable than ever, students are being trained for careers that will soon become outdated […]

Unmet educational needs which EdTech entrepreneurs need to address

Our education system is a mess, and everyone seems to be paralysed into inactivity because it seems to be a wicked problem. The secret is to focus on one specific problem at a time – an unmet need – and provide the best possible solution for tackling this. Students High quality reliable updated content which […]

Learning how to teach from computer games

Learning should be as enjoyable as reaching the goal. The reward is mastery , which taps into the learner’s intrinsic motivation. THE THRILL IS IN THE CHALLENGE–NOT TOO HARD, NOT TOO EASY Children play games, not because they are easy but because they are hard. The gaming industry has worked out the Goldilocks principle of […]

Improve your child’s marks

Here’s how you can improve your child’s marks without paying for coaching classes, tuition, or for apps like Byju’s, Unacademy or Vedantu These are world-class free online resources that help your child become a self-directed learner. Explore them at home with her please! Diksha: You can find a treasure-house of textbooks and educational content from […]

The Top Open Educational Resources in India

You don’t have to go to IIT to learn from IIT professors ! India is an IT powerhouse, and offers many free educational resources across many fields. National Digital Library: This is an IIT Kharagpur initiative to bring free access to content in English and other regional languages on a public network. Agropedia: It offers […]