Apni Pathshala

What traditional schools can’t provide, ApniPathshala can.

The reason the education system in India is broken is that it forces kids to cram.  Rather than just emphasising memorisation and regurgitation during exams, the system should focus more on the overall development of the student, assist them in discovering their true skills, and provide support so that they can pursue the activities that […]

Peer-to-peer learning is the magic sauce in ApniPathshala

Learning as a community Why you should study with friends !  A peer is just a fancy name for a friend, and the ideal way to define peer-to-peer learning is as learning from and with each other. In learning pods, peer-to-peer learning can be an essential component of a student’s progress. Through an exchange of […]

The Flipped Classroom model in Learning Pods: A boon for teachers and students

Why choose the Flipped classroom model? The flipped classroom model, as its name implies, reverses the two essential learning phases of traditional school classroom-based instruction. In the past, after learning about a new subject in school, students would complete their homework,  to review and revise what they had been taught. In the flipped classroom concept, […]

ApniPathshala vs Byju and Aakash

Byju’s and Aakash have become one of the leading names in the field of Indian education because of the massive amounts of money they spend on advertising. But we need to question the learning process they use , because it seems their goal is only to make their students excel on a piece of paper […]

ApniPathshala: The Future of Education. To create a big difference, let’s start small.

Many children are slipping through the gaps in our education system , despite the committed efforts of teachers, because of over-crowded classes and limited resources. ApniPathshala is a better solution, because it allows us to take education to the community , which is where the students are, through “ learning pods,” or micro-schools. ApniPatshala is […]

7 Cs of Education in Apni Pathshala

Today’s students will lose out on the future if we continue educating them the way we did yesterday. How can we, as educators and parents in the twenty-first century, best prepare children for a future that includes jobs that don’t yet exist, professions that haven’t been created, and a world marked by extreme change and […]

How community based learning pods are closing the achievement gap

Education is a critical priority and everyone agrees that schools are doing a terrible job at delivering it. They especially let students from poor families down, and the “Achievement Gap” refers to the growing disparity in academic outcomes between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Students who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to […]

A guide to setting up community-based learning pods

Let’s construct the ideal learning pod for your community ! Step 1: Specify your goals If you decide what you want before looking for another family, you’ll be able to start your learning pod much more quickly and better manage expectations. Collaborating with other families and a teacher to create your learning pod may be […]