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Isn’t it sad that school students come to life only during recess ? And that they are forced to listen to boring classroom lectures all day, which kill their desire to learn ?

Learning pods can make learning fun and meaningful because they aren’t hampered by a rigid curriculum . Students are free to pursue their own interests because they aren’t being pressurised to cram in order to score more marks.

Students are eager to learn and grow, and teachers are keen to get the day started. Every session is exciting and makes everyone who attends a little happier because they have become smarter. 

What is a positive learning culture?

A positive learning culture is inclusive and student-centered. High student involvement is made possible by the desire of both students and teachers to stretch themselves. Schools create a toxic learning environment, because students are treated as lazy children who need to be punished in order to maintain discipline.

How do you build a positive learning culture?

  1. Establish Relationships

You have the power to set expectations for the students and their parents by setting a standard. Serve as a supportive coach, guide and mentor to each student can achieve their full potential, guided by their personal interests. .

  1. Exemplify positive behavior

Positivity spreads quickly! If you respect and trust your students, they will reciprocate. Let them lead, so they are empowered and they will be happy to live upto your expectations by behaving responsibly.

  1. Set objectives as a group

If everyone in the pod believes they can accomplish more as a group, they will. Setting goals and objectives that raise standards for everyone. Positive reinforcement can work wonders, so celebrate the student’s successes publicly and praise them. Their energy can be contagious and inspiring !

  1. Share your pod’s vision

Everyone has a soft corner for students, and understands the importance of education. The community will be happy to support your efforts, because they can see you are putting students first, and aren’t doing it just to make money. The results will speak for themselves, as students look forward to coming to the pod to learn. 

  1. Praise students publicly online 

Build in public by sharing your success stories on your website and on social media platforms. This will inspire students to do even better – kids love being stars , and the community is happy to celebrate their success !

5 steps to building a positive learning-pod culture

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