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The largest chain of computer based community learning pods in India.

Delivering 30,000+ hours of education, every day.

powered by:

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani.
Founder, Apni Pathshala.

About us

We believe in India – we believe in the future of India, growing up, around us today – learning to form sentences – discovering the wonders of the universe and why rains fall – memorizing both the laws of nature and that letter to their principal.

This India of tomorrow – which will provide us with our future leaders, our innovators, problem solvers, storytellers, and those who find better, cheaper, and faster ways to get important things done more efficiently – is India, Team Apni Pathshala serves humbly, today.

Join us, in helping this future of India get access to a great learning environment, access to amazing educators, state-of-the-art computers, and cutting-edge tech tools along with a generous array of life-changing opportunities across the divides of regions, languages, and cultures with Apni Pathshala.

Our idea is simple – if you have the means, the capacity, and the intent to run a computer-based learning center in your community, we have 10 sets of computers and peripherals, for 12 months, just for you.

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani is a pioneering medical professional, a celebrated early stage venture capitalist and a full time crusader, championing the cause of delivering effective, innovative and modern education and skills to children across India.

More than 92% of Indian households with a school going child in India, do not have access to a computer.



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Students getting access to computers in an Apni Pathshala today!

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Apni Pathshala Learning Pods functioning across India today.

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Hours of learning and skills delivered to students across India this week.

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Indian cities, towns and villages you can find an Apni Pathshala centre.

Apni Pathshala PODs Across India.

Enable learning in local languages.

Impart skills like design and development.

Teach basic and advanced programming.

Teach winning – Empower peer-to-peer learning.

Prepare students for the challenges of the real world.

Apni Pathshala FAQs

Most frequent questions and their respective answers

Any individual, organsiation or a non-profit can apply to run a new Apni Pathshala learning pod in their area. If you have the space and the intent to deliver opportunities to students in your community, we have the computers and the infrastructure just for you.

We evaluate hundreds of applications every month – we generally approve 1 out of every 5 applications.

You need to have the following, before you apply:

  • A place that you own or rent with at-least a 20 feet x 10 feet dedicated room (space) where you plan to run your Apni Pathshala learning pod.
  • Availability of tables to safely keep 10 computers and peripherals like monitors, keyboards and mouse.
  • Availability of 2 electrical sockets per computer – one is needed for the Computer and other is needed for the monitors. Extension cords will work as well.
  • Have at least 10 MBPS internet connection – ideally on WIFI.
  • Man power and resources that understand how to operate a computer and are willing and capable to run a computer based learning centre for at least 12 months.

Here’s our deal – You get the following:

  • 10x Selligion Praho 2 computers.
  • 10x Computer Monitors
  • 10x USB Webcams
  • 10x Wired Headphones
  • 10x Wired Keyboard+Mouse

In return – we expect you to adhere to a pre-determined learning plan – share weekly and monthly updates and join our active communities of learners and POD leads, where you share your learnings. You also need to ensure that all students are made to feel welcome in your learning centre and they find an environment which helps and encourages learning and sharing of opportunities.

Absolutely. You’re free to charge a fee from your learners and we do not want any part in it. We encourage POD leads to monetise their services as it helps them sustain their centres and add more services, providing more value to their students.

Yes boss. The computers are delivered to you for a duration of 12 months post which, Apni Pathshala may pick up these computers and deliver them to a learning pod just like yours. We hope and expect you to take good care of the computers and make sure that they are in working conditions to enable us to deliver them to other centers after a period of 12 months.

Super simple – Our Selligion Praho computers are covered under a device replacement warranty available during the first 12 months of deployment. As long as you do not mis0use, break, destroy, over-clock or use the device for any non-educational purpose – we happily replace your device in case it encounters any hardware or manufacturing error.

Our Offering Includes:

Selligion Praho 2

Selligion Praho 2 delivers 8 GB RAM | 128 GB Storage and ~2.5 GHz quad-core processing power that is designed to deliver a powerful and un-compromised computing experience for students of all ages. You can connect a Selligion Praho to a TV or up to 2 monitors. Read more about Selligion here.

 Praho 2

Wired Keyboard 

~15 inch






Enable learning in local languages.