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Byju’s and Aakash have become one of the leading names in the field of Indian education because of the massive amounts of money they spend on advertising. But we need to question the learning process they use , because it seems their goal is only to make their students excel on a piece of paper named “mark sheet” – not to help them learn.
Here we try to compare such grade-centric institutions to ApniPathsala, which offers a holistic learning approach to help students succeed in life, and not just exams !

Byju’s & AakashApniPathshala
The aim is to become one of the most preferred education platforms across the globe and to nurture the aspirations for various competitive and scholarship examinations and prepare them for school/board examinations.The aim is to revolutionize the education system so that students will benefit from community-based learning pods. Education should be student-centric rather than grade-centric.
The study packages at learning platforms like Byjus and Aakash are very costly and can be financially harmful, especially to the lower-income group of society, which gets trapped in educational debt.Many families didn’t have free or affordable schooling options available and are looking for ways to save money. Learning pods are cheaper than tuition and private schools and most families can afford them.
They follow fixed textbook curricula based on the school syllabus and follow a specific scope and sequence for each day of an academic programme. Only the body of information which is deemed necessary for ‘education’ is followed and children rarely follow other avenues of interest.Every person develops and succeeds in their own particular way. If the curriculum is customized to their needs and allows them to learn at a pace that feels natural to them, students are more likely to remain engaged in the subject. Teachers can use customized teaching techniques in community-based learning pods to help their students succeed while utilizing a tailored curriculum.
Does not encourage independent thinking, especially by not allowing the child to set their own goals. They aren’t allowed to question what is being taught .Here the students and parents own the learning process . This reduces boredom , and minimises the stress to cram and the pressure to perform.
There is a lack of involvement of the parents in their child’s education. Disengaged parents who are not interested in the academic life of their kids often promote school failures.Parents are directly involved in their child’s education through learning pods, because they are their children’s main coaches in the educational process. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your kids when you’re both a parent and a teacher.
Children lack social skills because all these classes do is teach them to compete for every mark.  Learning pods provide students with a happy environment where they can socialize and learn with and from their friends .
A fixed assessment method is used to analyze the potential of all students which most definitely leads to comparison and also unhealthy competition. Furthermore, such assessment methods can hamper the confidence of a student.In the open schooling system offered by ApniPathshala, children are not constrained by a predetermined combination of courses that must be finished by a specific deadline. They are able to take tests on their own schedule and are given multiple chances to pass rather than a binary pass-fail system. The focus is on mastering the subject – not just on scoring more marks !
ApniPathshala vs Byju and Aakash

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