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Mathematics Courses

Apnipathshala Unlock Your Math Potential: Free Online Courses for All Levels Abstract Algebra Class Central Learn more Matrix Methods in data analysis, signal processing and Machine learning MIT (Class Central) Learn more Single Variable Calculus MIT Learn more Calculus: Multi Variable Functions TuDelft Learn more Differential Calculus in several variables NPTEL, IIT Kanpur Learn more […]

C and C++ Programming

Apnipathshala Unlock Your Tech Journey: Introduction to C and C++ Introduction to C-Programming Learn more C-Programming – Language foundations Learn more C-Programming – Advanced Data Types Learn more Fundamentals of C++ Learn more Data structure and Algorithms using C++ Learn more C++ programming basic skills Learn more C++ programming Intermediate concepts Learn more Data structure […]

Graphic Design

Apnipathshala Designing Success: Web Graphics That Make an Impact Graphic Design Tutorials ACADGILD Learn more Beginners Guide To Graphic Design Class Central Learn more Design with Canva Class Central Learn more Typography and Design Class Central Learn more Design Makeovers | Canva Workshops Class Central Learn more The Basics of Print Design Class Central Learn […]

JavaScript – Basic to Advance

Apnipathshala Unlock Your Web Dev Journey: Introduction To Javascript Introduction to JavaScript University of California Learn more Animation with JavaScript and Jquery Learn more Interactivity with JavaScript and Jquery Learn more Data Manipulation In JavaScript Learn more Introduction to web development Learn more

IBM Course

Apnipathshala Unlock Your Tech Journey: The Beginner’s Guide to IBM Courses IBM: Introduction to Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Learn more IBM: Back-end Application Development with Node.js and Express Learn more IBM: Full Stack Application Development Project Learn more IBM: Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction Learn more IBM: Deep Learning with […]

Mastering Python: Your Free Guide to Python Programming

Apnipathshala Mastering Python Introduction to Python Learn more Python Programming for students Learn more Python for Absolute Beginners Learn more Learn Python For Total Beginners Learn more Object Oriented Programming in Python Learn more Python for Beginners Learn more Python Programming For Beginners Learn more Learn python language fundamental in simple way Learn more Learn […]

Java Course

Apnipathshala Join the Java Revolution: Start Your Programming Journey W3Cx: JavaScript Introduction World wide web Consortium Learn more Introduction to java Programming-Part-1 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Learn more Java Programming Basic Skills Codio Learn more Data Structures & Algorithms I Georgia Tech Learn more Introduction to Computer Science Harvard University Learn more […]

Unlocking the World of Data Science: A Journey to Mastery

Apnipathshala Data Science A Journey to Mastery Learn More Introduction to Data Science using Python Learn more Data Science, Machine learning, Data Analysis, Python & R. Learn more SQL for Data Analysis: Solving real world problems with data Learn more Data Science with Analogies, Algorithms and Solved Problems Learn more Intro to Data for Data […]

NarayanChandraTrust’s LearnFromPeers Lab: Empowering Students Through Education

Apnipathshala NarayanChandraTrust’s Learn From Peers Lab: Empowering Students Through Education In our Apnipathshala, there is a POD named NarayanChandraTrust, which is one of the most successful PODs of Apnipathshala in India. In NarayanChandraTrust, there is a Computer Lab where Apnipathshala’s PCs are located, and the lab is named LearnFromPeers, also known as LFP. Now, let […]