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Learning as a community

Why you should study with friends ! 

A peer is just a fancy name for a friend, and the ideal way to define peer-to-peer learning is as learning from and with each other. In learning pods, peer-to-peer learning can be an essential component of a student’s progress. Through an exchange of ideas, taking part in activities, working together, and exchanging comments, children gain a source of encouragement. 

In learning pods, students learn how to create, coordinate, collaborate, and assess their own learning by teaching their friends, and learning from them. 

Benefits of peer-to-peer learning

  • Personal connection: Learning from peers is just as important as learning from teachers because education has always been social . Peer-to-peer learning systems are therefore essential for students to interact with and learn from each other. This serves as motivation for individuals to push boundaries and take on challenges. In learning pods, students can function in a collaborative and engaging atmosphere by assessing one another’s learning. This encourages responsibility, interdependence, and a deeper comprehension of ideas.
  • Self-directed learning: Students approach their course material differently when collaborating to study with their peers. They are better able to employ logic and reasoning to assimilate any new knowledge and to analyze the material they are studying critically. These abilities eventually open the door to self-education and self-directed learning.
  • Cognitive improvement: In learning pods, students can internalize the practice of brainstorming by participating in group study sessions, trying out group activities, and working through challenges. Working together to identify solutions and ask questions helps students better comprehend the material, which inevitably improves their cognitive potential.
  • Team spirit: Peer-to-peer learning is a method used to help students build a foundation for success,  not just as an individual but as a team. They become stronger team players, able to generate innovative ideas.

Peer-to-Peer learning methods

Peer Tutoring
At learning pods an older student can help teach a junior or less skilled student. In this situation, the older student gains from the peer tutoring scenario because they consolidate the knowledge they already possess (the best way to learn is to teach). Peer tutoring helps the more accomplished learner by sharpening their understanding while it also helps the other students catch up to them.
Discussion Seminars
Discussion seminars typically follow a lecture or organized study method. The discussion seminar’s goal is to allow the learning pod peers to discuss the subject they have just learned about at school. Discussion seminars are meant to encourage students to speak up whenever they feel they have something significant to say. The kids may be given a stimulus question or item by their learning pod mentor. The students use that prompt as a starting point for a discussion of the complexities, inconsistencies, and characteristics of the subject at hand.
Peer Support Groups
Peer support groups typically lack a teacher’s presence and are frequently planned by peers themselves. A peer study group can help students stay motivated as tests or assignment deadlines approach. Collaboration among students helps prevent boredom, distraction, and frustration. Peers can help each other overcome obstacles and mental blocks. A student has somebody to bounce ideas off of and who can offer assistance and justifications when studying.
Collaborative Projects
Group project work frequently involves collaborative efforts. They entail gathering students to work on a challenge that the teacher has given them. Techniques like problem-based learning and problem-posing education, collaborative projects are quite popular nowadays.
Benefits could result from students cooperating on collaborative projects, such asNegotiating abilities.Ability to share skills.Interdependence (we swim or sink together)
Collaborations between small groups, such as pairs, and big groups are possible to organize at learning pods.
Peer Assessment Schemes
Students grade one other’s work and provide feedback as part of peer evaluation methods. The advantages of peer assessment programmes include:Being able to observe how other students approached the assignment.Gaining an understanding of the thought processes and study techniques employed by other students.Teachers in learning pods can use this technique to enable the critical thinking of their students.

It is tremendously helpful to engage in peer interaction, and teach and learn from others. Often a child will be a far better teacher than a professional teacher because they can communicate far more clearly and simply , because they are both as the same level! A learning pod provides peer connections that are crucial for the learning and overall development of a child.

Peer-to-peer learning is the magic sauce in ApniPathshala

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