Apni Pathshala

You don’t have to go to IIT to learn from IIT professors !

India is an IT powerhouse, and offers many free educational resources across many fields.

National Digital Library: This is an IIT Kharagpur initiative to bring free access to content in English and other regional languages on a public network.

Agropedia: It offers knowledge resources about agriculture. This OER is directly approved and run under the guidance of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Shodhganga: This is a digital repository of theses and journals submitted by doctorates and research students.

NPTEL: This is a joint initiative by 7 IITs in India and the MHRD. It aims to improve the engineering sector in the country by conducting free courses and certified exams. The courses are in video formats taught by IIT professors!

Project OSCAR: This is an enterprise of IIT-Bombay which contains a massive repository of animations and simulations based on science and technology.

NCERT: This is an open resource available on the web, meant for school students and institutions by the CBSE body of India.

NIOS: is India’s original open university

DIKSHA: A great starting point to explore the digital initiatives taken by the Govt of India!

The Top Open Educational Resources in India

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