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Our education system is a mess, and everyone seems to be paralysed into inactivity because it seems to be a wicked problem. The secret is to focus on one specific problem at a time – an unmet need – and provide the best possible solution for tackling this.


High quality reliable updated content which is simple and clear
The freedom to chart their own learning journey
No compulsion in being forced to study topics they don’t care about
Prompt feedback
Doubt solving
Help when they are stuck
Mastery-based learning certifications to document their understanding
Markers of progress
Content mapped to their personal interests and learning styles
Customised teaching so they can learn at their own pace
Adult supervision
Friends to teach and to learn from
Quizzes to test them
Flashcards for review prior to exams
Previous test papers for exam prep
Coaching for life skills
Mentoring for career skills
Extra-curricular activities


Involvement in their children’s learning
Proof that they are making progress
High exam marks so they can get into a college of their choice
Career counselling
Affordable fees
Trusted competent responsible teachers as experts to guide their children


Respect from students, parents and management
Freedom to teach in the way they want
Freedom from clerical tasks and administrative trivia
Access to new technology to amplify their impact
Recognition for their efforts
Competitive salaries

Unmet educational needs which EdTech entrepreneurs need to address

2 thoughts on “Unmet educational needs which EdTech entrepreneurs need to address

  1. We want to focus on the students’ need for quizzes, practice tests and self assessments based on that tests.

    I also stumbled upon Advait Life Education which has a vision towards an integrated, evolved, and sublime human being. Advait seeks to promote clarity, wisdom, and integrity among individuals by addressing their self-awareness need. https://advaitlife.org/

    How about creating a community of such enterprises/teachers who target each of the needs articulated in your post? Best!

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