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Open educational resources (OERs) make learning fun, free, available, accessible, and meaningful.
Think of this as a buffet which you can pick and choose from to feed any student’s curiosity!

There are two problems with OERs, which represent a paradox.

Very few parents and teachers know about them. And then they do stumble across them, they find there are so many, that they don’t know how to make good use of them !

ApniPathshala Learning Pods make extensive use of OERs to promote student-directed learning, so kids aren’t restricted to learning what’s in their textbooks, and can explore their own interests !

Top Open Educational Resources in India

In order to supply free educational resources for the vocational streams, the open university NIOS developed its own OER project.

This IIT-Bombay enterprise houses a sizable collection of scientific and technology-based animations and simulations. It attempts to instruct under-graduation and post-graduation students in diverse scientific topics, consequently influencing their careers.

It’s a not-for-profit Edtech Startup where you can use the free available educational resources. If you want to learn a skill, prepare for your school or university exams, or learn beyond your curriculum. BeyondExams has free learning material for all your needs.

21 institutes in India are working together on this initiative, which is currently being managed by IISc, Bangalore. It seeks to make a variety of rare, unprotected works by numerous writers accessible online. These books were gathered from libraries all around India.

This is an open resource available on the web, meant for schoNCERT BOOKS: Textbooks PDF (I-XII)ol students and institutions. This is an attempt made by the CBSE body of India. Resources on this website come in three languages; Hindi, English, and Urdu.

This is an easy-to-use educational platform. It allows you to make a personalized learning dashboard, organize your studies, and keep tabs on your progress. Videos, practice exercises, and assessment exams are just a few of the things available in this resource’s wide range of topics.

This is an IIT Kharagpur initiative to bring free access to content in English and other regional languages on a public network.

It offers knowledge resources about agriculture. This OER is directly approved and run under the guidance of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

This is a digital repository of theses and journals submitted by doctorates and research students.

This is a joint initiative by 7 IITs in India and the MHRD. It aims to improve the engineering sector in the country by conducting free courses and certified exams. The courses are in video formats taught by IIT professors!

A great starting point to explore the digital initiatives taken by the Govt of India!

Using free Open Educational Resources

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