Why learning pods are helpful for poor students

The potential of Indian kids from poor families gets wasted because they don’t have access to high quality educational resources. Creating affordable accessible pods ApniPathshala supports grassroots educational pod initiatives across the nation in an effort to address educational disparities because of poverty. Low-income groups are “the ones who are closest to the pain but […]

How do community-based learning pods help students learn ?

Community-based learning pods use unique strategies for helping their students learn, which is why they are so much more effective than schools. One of the wonderful things about learning is how unique each student, teacher, and pod is! You can experiment with different teaching approaches to see which ones are most effective for your kids. […]

Can micro-credentials replace exams?

Education no longer takes place only in traditional classrooms, and exams are no longer the only way of assessing learning. Microcredentials and microcertificates are a far better alternative ! What is a Credential? A credential proves that the holder has fulfilled predetermined requirements. In other words, a credential or credit attests to the fact that […]

What traditional schools can’t provide, ApniPathshala can.

The reason the education system in India is broken is that it forces kids to cram.  Rather than just emphasising memorisation and regurgitation during exams, the system should focus more on the overall development of the student, assist them in discovering their true skills, and provide support so that they can pursue the activities that […]

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