Using ChatGPT at ApniPathshala to make students future-ready !

Conventional educational institutes think of ChatGPT as being a threat to students and teachers. Their fear is students will “cheat “, and not bother to learn anything because they can use Chat GPT to do their homework. The truth is that Chat GPT has the potential to revolutionize the field of education by providing personalized […]

Using free Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OERs) make learning fun, free, available, accessible, and meaningful. Think of this as a buffet which you can pick and choose from to feed any student’s curiosity! There are two problems with OERs, which represent a paradox. Very few parents and teachers know about them. And then they do stumble across them, […]

Making online learning work through caring humans !

The benefits of eLearning are numerous, and it can be more effective than traditional classroom-based learning.  Why do we need e-learning now more than ever? While the technology is empowering and enabling, it is not sufficient, and this is why we need a human-in-the-loop to make sure students enjoy the experience. ApniPathshala learning pods combine […]

5 steps to building a positive learning-pod culture

Isn’t it sad that school students come to life only during recess ? And that they are forced to listen to boring classroom lectures all day, which kill their desire to learn ? Learning pods can make learning fun and meaningful because they aren’t hampered by a rigid curriculum . Students are free to pursue […]

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